Delete or deactivate a Facebook account, this is how to do it


Facebook: Being on social media can be as fun as it is stressful, and when you have a bad day online, it is easy to think of “close the account and take a whole season ****.” The good thing is that you don’t have to lose your account, because the different social media platforms may offer to deactivate it until you decide if you really want to return or not. Like Facebook does.

The bad? The amount of impediments to the user that the Facebook social network puts precisely for those who want to close their account, delete it, period.

Deactivate your Facebook account

And it is for something that Facebook is the No. 1 network in the world and the one that defined the very concept of ‘social network’. The fewer users you lose per month, the better, and therefore you have created options to avoid this. For example, it offers you the alternative of deactivating your account, allowing you to reactivate it whenever you want without having lost anything. And what is better: no user can see your profile or search for you while you are deactivated in FB.

How is it deactivated?

Click the down arrow icon at the top right of any Facebook page.
Select Settings.
Click General in the left column.
Click on Manage account, then on Deactivate your account and follow the instructions to confirm the deactivation