Delete old Windows 10 Drivers To Save Space


Windows 10: One of the things you have to pay attention to as a computer user is internal space. This is where all kinds of programs are installed, including the operating system, which is, after all, the basis for understanding what is going on inside the machine and interacting with it. And that is what you are going to achieve with this Windows 10 trick, since we are going to teach you how to save space by eliminating old files from the installed drivers.

Save space, even if it’s little

Sometimes every gigabyte of space counts, especially if you have as little space as 256GB or 500GB on your computer. Yes, it seems that it is little if we take into account that there are programs, especially games, that approach three digits in gigs, something unthinkable 20 years ago. But we are not here to remember the past, but to solve the problems of the present even a little.

Today we are talking about something as simple as deleting the files of the old dirvers from your computer. Yes, your device keeps old versions in order to refer to them if necessary. This is a security measure, since if you don’t have Internet you can always pull one of these versions to fix the driver. We hope this never happens to you, but if your priority is space, we will show you how to eliminate them:

Go into Settings> System> Storage
Wait for the program to take stock of what you have on your hard drive
Click Temporary Files
Wait for it to count and check the Device Driver Packages option

From here you only have to press a button: the Remove files. Here the cleaning of this data will begin so that you have a few extra gigs that were occupying this data that is not useful for much. However, and as a recommendation, we invite you to look at the rest of the sections since Windows 10 will tell you which files the system does not need and which you can remove. In this way, you will remove more space and your machine will even work much better by having a place to store more things that are more important to you.