Delays in the iPhone 12 due to shortage of parts


We waited for you at Keynote in September, like every year. But the new Apple mobiles made a ‘no-show’ and finally we had to wait the following month, in October, to see the four new iPhone 12. The reason? The same as for many other things: the current situation we are living with the Coronavirus, which affected the mass production of the new terminals with the closure of factories in China.

Delayed manufacture of the iPhone 12?

But is Apple having more problems stemming from the current situation? It appears that the company is experiencing delays in the manufacture of the iPhone 12 due to a shortage of specific chips for the batteries of the devices. The biggest problem is that this could limit the availability of the new iPhone during the first quarter after launch, precisely the one that is usually most active for the company.

If this is true, why should it be? What are the causes? According to the Bloomberg media, which cites “sources with information on the matter”, the shortage of these chips is derived from two fronts:

– The growing demand for silicon in different products

– Disruptions in the supply chain due to the Covid-19 pandemic

More chips for 5G

If we add a boom in demand for chips to these supply problems, we have a delicate situation. And is that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), Apple’s main supplier of chips, warned in October that 5G mobiles require between 30 and 40% more chips than 4G phones. Therefore, if there are few chips and you need more than for a 4G mobile, the demand increases and there is less stock to cover it.

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To this must also be added the data reported by the Nikkei website, which has indicated that Apple would also be suffering a shortage of the components of the LiDAR scanner system that mount the iPhone 12. This would have caused the measure that Apple has “ stopped using some components intended for the iPad to use them in the iPhone 12 Pro “, according to the sources of Nikkei.

As always, this is unofficial information from Apple, without official sources, so it cannot be verified. But given the delay in presenting mobile phones due to the Coronavirus, it would not be surprising that the pandemic has also affected this other stage of the mass production of the iPhone 12.


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