Deji vs Floyd Mayweather: fight date, location and everything we know


In one of the most unexpected one-on-one fights, YouTuber Dedzhi is going to fight boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. KSI’s younger brother won his first fight in 2022 and is already ready to fight one of the greatest fighters.

Floyd Mayweather, who “retired” with a 50-0 record (27 knockouts), is dabbling in boxing on YouTube. He fought Logan Paul in an exhibition match in June 2021, but the winner was not announced. Floyd later stated that it wasn’t a “real” fight.

Again, his fight with Deji will also be a show that will take place later this year, as 1-3 YouTube will fight the great boxing 50-0.

When is Dedji vs Floyd Mayweather?

On November 13, 2022, Deji will fight Mayweather in a “show fight for big money.” The fight will be part of the “Global Titans Fight Series” taking place in Dubai.

Where to Watch Deji vs Floyd Mayweather

The event is planned to be broadcast exclusively on DAZN. Fans can purchase a monthly DAZN pay-per-view subscription for $19.99 and add it to their subscription plan for $14.99.

Fans can see the fight in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

According to the Mirror, this fight is an exhibition. It is not expected that there will be judges, so there will be no winner if there is no knockout. Rounds are usually limited too, shorter than a full-fledged professional fight.

According to the report, Mayweather’s team turned to Deji with a request to organize a fight.

Deji vs Mayweather will be organized by the KSI’s Misfits Boxing tournament.

On October 17, it became known that Deji vs Mayweather will be organized under the KSI Misfits Boxing brand — a huge step for the company, which has already held two events, including the KSI “two fights, one night” event on August 27 and the Jay tournament. Swingler vs Cherdleys card on October 15.

KSI’s brother, Deji lost his first three fights, but made amends by winning his first victory over Fousey in August.

Meanwhile, his brother is also trying to tie his next fight, and Jake Paul and Andrew Tate are taunting him.

Deji faced Jake Paul in his first fight in August 2018 and lost.
The full map of the Deji vs Floyd Mayweather fight

A host of other big names will take part in this latest boxing match of influencers. At the moment, the full battle map consists of:


Harley Benn vs Faizan Anwar

Bobby Fish vs Boateng Prempe

Dolphin Persoon vs Ikram Kervat

Jack Fincham vs Anthony Taylor

Dolphin Persoon vs Ikram Kervat

Jader Herrera vs Franklin Manzanilla

Co-main event:

Tommy Fury vs Paul Banba

Main event:

Dedji vs Floyd Mayweather

Deji Mayweather’s Fight Card

Deji’s reaction to the Mayweather fight was usually unexpected, with some calling it “the most unexpected thing I’ve ever seen.”

Logan, who chased Mayweather for a fight fee more than a year ago, joked that Deji should make sure he was paid in advance.

Given Dedzhi’s 1-3 record, few expect him to have a chance against players like Mayweather, but the YouTuber is determined to give his all — and Mayweather is ready to meet him in the ring, even with the likes of Logan Paul. giving unexpected predictions for this upcoming bout between influencers and boxing.


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