Deji Challenges Justin Bieber To A Boxing Match Immediately


YouTube star Deji Olatunji officially challenged pop icon Justin Bieber to a boxing match and even predicted that he would knock out a musical artist in the ring.

Deji is shaking up the world of influential boxing by becoming the second major content creator to fight the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather in the ring this November.

This is his fifth boxing match. Dedzhi’s record currently stands at 1-3, and the YouTuber scored his first victory over Fouseytube on August 27, which caused a massive appeal from fans.

On the eve of his biggest fight, Deji has already set his sights even higher… and he has a pretty noticeable opponent in his sights, if everything works out.

In a recent interview, Deji admitted that the boxing card of his dreams will be the appearance of Justin Bieber. Although he is best known for his music career, Bieber has been using boxing as a way to keep fit for some time, even training with Mayweather back in 2014.

Deji says he would knock out Justin Bieber in a boxing match

Deji doubled down on this ambitious approach in another recent interview with Inside Fighting, where he directly challenged Justin Bieber to a boxing match and even said he would “knock out” the pop star if they ever met in the ring.

It is currently unclear whether Bieber will ever accept Deja’s offer, but he has been involved to some extent in the influential boxing scene beforehand. In fact, he was a VIP at the famous rematch between Logan Paul and KSI in 2019 and even supported Paul’s older brother with a brutal KSI message.

This caused a small one-sided rivalry between KSI and Bieber, when the British youtuber declared that he would “destroy” the singer in a boxing match. Given Bieber’s current battle with Ramsey Hunt syndrome, it’s unclear if we’ll ever see him take part in a battle of influencers… but it’s clear that Deji is not backing down from the fight of his “dream”.


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