Deion Sanders said that he considered at least 3 large works


Deion Sanders dominated the football world at every possible level of the game.

He’s in the Hall of Fame at both the American football and NFL levels. Now he also holds a coaching position — as the head coach at Jackson State.

In a recent profile written by the Associated Press and dedicated to Sanders, he said that he had communicated with three different Power 5 programs. Florida and Arkansas were among the list.

Here’s more via AP:

Sanders discussed the vacancies with officials from at least three Power Five schools, including Florida State, when he hired Norvell in 2019.

“Destroyed it. I went through all the interviews,” Sanders said.

He impressed at least one athletic director so much that a preliminary conversation done as a favor to Sanders’ then-agent led to a second, more formal interview.

Arkansas AD Hunter Juracek said he went to his first meeting with Sanders back in 2019 without any expectations.

“I was shocked,” Yuracek told the AP. “He was very well prepared. He did research on our program. He was doing research on recruits. He could talk about the SEC.”

Sanders helped Jackson State recruit a number of elite recruits who in the past ignored historically established colleges and universities for blacks.

Will he get a Power 5 job soon?


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