Deion Sanders and Nick Saban are back together for a new ad – The Spun: What’s trending in the sports world today


Aflac is once again bringing in Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders and Nick Saban from Alabama for another round of insurance announcements.

On Tuesday, Sanders posted a teaser on his Instagram showing the two great players of all time wearing blue Aflac blazers.

“We’re in Los Angeles, California, on the set of Aflac,” Sanders said. “with A GOAT.”

—And a duck,— Saban interjected.

— I was talking about you, are you calling me a Duck? Coach Prime asked.

The long-standing slogan of insurance companies sounds like this: “2 GOATS. 1 Duck. No beef.”

Nick Saban’s resume speaks for itself, but Sanders continues to turn the Tigers into a winning program that is beginning to attract the attention of the whole country.

Having won the SWRC title and appeared in the Celebration Bowl in Sanders’ first year, JSU has become the best recruit in the country and is starting to attract more and more attention from NFL scouts.

Coach Prime will try to improve on that 11-2 record in 2022.