Deiland kicks off Kickstarter to reach Nintendo Switch


The authors of Summer in Mara seek to adapt their previous project to the hybrid console, which will bring new features compared to the original video game.

The Valencian studio Chibig, after the commercial success of Summer in Mara this year, will try to make possible an adaptation of Deiland, its previous project on Nintendo Switch. The emerging Spanish group has launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish Deiland: Pocket Planet in the hybrid, a new version with unique content that we will know below.

First, the basic rules: as in any funding campaign through crowdfunding, it is necessary to reach a minimum amount of money for the project to move forward. We are talking about 10,000 euros, but things are going smoothly because it has more than 8,170 euros in a few hours, with more than 430 sponsors and a total of 31 days ahead.

Except for surprise, Deiland: Pocket Planet will be a reality on Nintendo Switch in early 2021, the estimated date of delivery of the copy for sponsors, whose contributions start from 13 euros. Depending on the money paid, different incentives can be chosen; from a digital art book to the soundtrack, postcards or even the physical art book.

What’s new in Deiland: Pocket Planet?

Deiland is a farm game where we have a mission to take care of a small planet. The original title received positive reviews from users for its cultivation capabilities, material crafting, recipe cooking, and structure building. Deiland: Pocket Planet will incorporate all the DLC from the original (until now PC exclusive) and will add to the exploration the four seasons of the year, so that the gameplay will be endowed with greater depth by linking the vegetable crops to the inherited weather At each station. On the other hand, Chibig, indicates that the farming system has been improved; now more intuitive.

Likewise, Chibig has once again counted on Adrián Berenguer, whom we have already heard in Summer in Mara, as the main person in charge of the soundtrack of the new Deiland planet stations. Of course, he will be accompanied by Rafa Giménez, author of the original soundtrack. Finally, Deiland: Pocket Planet has new artists who are working on new character designs and visuals, now improved.


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