DeFi Token UMA Begins Listed On OKEx

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UMA, the bi-bi protocol that has been mentioned frequently recently, reached a milestone by being listed on a major stock exchange. The UMA token was listed on OKEx, the leading global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, on August 31, 2020.

According to an announcement by OKEx, UMA will now be open to spot trading against USDT and ETH on the platform. With the latest list, OKEx has listed 8 DeFi projects in a single day. Along with the UMA listed on the platform; OKEx now supports 29 DeFi tokens.

UMA is a protocol for creating synthetic assets based on concepts borrowed from fiat financial derivatives. With economic guarantees using self-executing contract design models of any two counterparties, in an unauthorized blockchain environment; It allows them to design and create their own decentralized financial contracts and oracles.

The founding partner of the project, Hart Lambur;

“The UMA project is excited to start at OKEx. We are committed to supporting DeFi growth for OKEx users and further growth in the Asian market. ”

Last month, UMA became the second largest blockchain oracle with a market capitalization of $ 233 million.

Responding to Lambur’s comment, OKEx Jay Hao CEO said:

“OKEx also believes that financial markets should be universally accessible and open, our vision is shared by UMA. We have witnessed the impressive steps UMA has made in the DeFi field and we are happy to cooperate with them. ”

Chainlink (LINK) ranks high in the DeFi (decentralized finance) market value rankings; There is a crazy battle for second place between UMA, Aave, and

As we entered September, some DeFi tokens such as UMA moved closer to the top of the market value rankings. According to data from CoinMarketCap (CMC), on Tuesday last week, UMA had a market value of about $ 392 million. A week later, the market value of DeFi cryptocurrency UMA has approached $ 1.1 billion. That seems enough to take the second place behind Chainlink (LINK), which has a huge market value of $ 5.6 billion. Likewise, according to CMC data, UMA is currently in the second place on the DeFi list.

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The move placed UMA above (YFI), which has a market value of $ 404 million at this point last week. While grew at an explosive rate, the UMA did not grow as drastically as it, but still managed to surpass the $ 1 billion market value.

Also, the current DeFi cryptocurrency Aave, which is relatively stable when it comes to decentralized finance, is also involved in this battle. But the cryptocurrency has dropped from $ 988 billion to $ 890 billion in the past seven days. Aave is currently ranked fourth on the list.

Everything Can Be Different in DeFi

Assuming that the market value of some DeFi coins has doubled in a week, this of course means that things could take a very different turn later. For example, SushiSwap (SUSHI) was absent last week. It now ranks 65th in the CoinMarketCap ranking with a market capitalization of $ 238 million. However, as we have reported today, another project named KIMCHI emerged and managed to shake the crypto money market in 4 hours.

UMA, short for Universal Market Access, defines itself as a “decentralized financial contracts platform”. The token uses the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to create their own synthetic tokens and derivative contracts.

In DeFi’s “Wild West” world, users obviously want to create more than tokens. Most of them struggle to make money. And there are many things that are changing hands right now. The coin, which is incredibly valuable today, may drop to zero tomorrow.


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