DeFi project BELLA craze on Binance


BELLA, which started to be listed on the exchange today after the farming process on Binance’s new platform Launchpool, experienced an increase of 2400 percent from $ 0.75 to $ 19.

Crypto currency exchange Binance has recently launched a platform called Binance Launchpool, where users can “farm” new DeFi assets.

The first project on this platform was Bella Protocol, and varying amounts of BEL tokens began to be issued every day to those who stake BNB, BUSD or ARPA tokens at Launchpool. As of September 9 at Launchpool, BNB holders will be able to farm BEL tokens in these three different pools for 30 days.

The Farm process started 7 days before it was listed on BELLA Binance. Thus, BELLA was given the opportunity to own it before being listed on the stock exchange. The price of each BELLA was determined as 0.75 dollars. Listed on Binance today, BELLA went up to $ 19, with a price increase of up to 2400%. Crypto money is traded at $ 5.80 in the minutes of the news.

What is Bella Protocol?

According to Binance’s statement, Bella Protocol, incubated by ARPA, offers a DeFi product package with “One Click” as the core concept of product design for a seamless crypto banking experience, making DeFi return farming more user-friendly at lower fees. Bella automates everything possible, subsidizes gas fees, and serves both new and experienced users on-chain or through the Bella escrow service.

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