DeFi platform Acropolis hacked, AKRO fell hard


It has been announced that the DeFi platform Acropolis was attacked. As a result of the attack, 2 million dollars of damage occurred, while the price of AKRO fell by 24 percent.

The yCurve pools of the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Acropolis were siphoned, resulting in the loss of $ 2 million worth of DAI.

In the statement made on the subject from Acropolis, “We have determined that a number of smart contracts in” savings pools “that have been audited twice recently have been hacked. We work with security experts and on-chain analytics providers. We aim to make a more detailed explanation shortly. Thank you for your patience.” It was said.

Staking pools are safe, the team stated that the attack only added the Curve Y and Curve sUSD savings pools.

The token of the Acropolis, AKRO, has seen a sharp decline since evening hours today. The token went from $ 0.0124 to $ 0.0094, with a 24 percent retracement.

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