DeFi plan exposed through leaked Telegram messages


The malicious DeFi plan, which was fictionalized by some Twitter accounts with many followers, came to light with the leak of screenshots of Telegram messages.

About 50 prominent cryptocurrency-related and multi-followers on Twitter were caught red-handed while organizing a pump-and-empty plan.

Grieving that they missed the MEME airdrop, this group looked for another way to make money from cryptocurrency investors. As it is known, MEME tokens, distributed free of charge in Telegram groups, passed $ 1700 when they were listed on exchanges.

BREAST incident whetted appetite

The plan of this group was to create a new flash mob project called FEW. There were not much plans for the launch of the project or what it was about. However, there was a clear intention to airdrop the FEW token to its members who will promote it on Twitter to raise the price. Later, the members would sell these tokens and walk away with a few thousand extra dollars in their pockets.

Screenshots leaked

Things did not go as planned by the group members. One of them leaked screenshots of private Telegram messages. The leader of the group was Anthony Sassano, co-founder of, who introduced himself as a DeFi educator. After the incident came to light, the group members quickly said it was a joke. They argued that if the statements were not satisfactory, they would donate all profits from the project. In the end, Sassano admitted that his explanation that this was a joke was weak and apologized, stating that his intention was not to deceive or defraud anyone.

While Sassano burned FEW tokens, other members like Alex Masmej claimed that the token was never listed and that no damage was actually caused by burning FEW tokens.

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However, it was revealed that some of the FEW tokens were purchased by promotional posts on Twitter. In fact, realizing that FEW was not listed on any exchange, malicious individuals tried to profit from the fraud by listing fake FEW trading pairs on Uniswap to enable members to trade.


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