DeFi commentary from Neo founder: the real begins now


The founder of NEO, which has shown a 130 percent price performance since the beginning of the year, said that DeFi enthusiasm has just begun.

Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, which was known as China’s Ethereum for a while and recently made a serious jump in its price, made evaluations about DeFi.

“DeFi infrastructure passed the class”

Speaking in a live broadcast he attended in China, Da Hongfei said, “The infrastructure of DeFi has surpassed the class in many areas, from credit taking to lending, insurance to derivatives markets. “There is progress with firm steps… The time has come when we will see more applications on DeFi.”

“China partially achieved decentralized finance”

Stating that Decentralized Finance will bring new assets to us that will enable people to reach money at any moment, Neo’s founder China also praised, “The Chinese seem to have achieved this at least with Alipay and WeChat. “People have learned to perform some transactions without going to the bank.”

Hongfei also announced that they are examining Neo and Binance’s DeFi applications with He Yi, co-founder of Binance. As is known, Binance’s latest Lauchpool product was built on the Flamingo Neo blockchain.

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