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Messari’s former product manager Qiao Wang believes DeFi is one of the rare opportunities to come, comparing it to the early years of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Qiao Wang, former product manager of cryptocurrency research and analysis firm Messari, said that decentralized finance (DeFi) reminded him of previous Bitcoin and Ethereum that did not experience a huge price boom.

Comparing DeFi with the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Wang said, “In terms of investment, pre-2013 BTC and pre-2015 ETH were once-in-a-lifetime asymmetric bets. I think DeFi before 2021 is an opportunity that will come every ten years. If you missed the first two, don’t miss the second one. ” used the expressions.

Wang also warned of bad actors trapping investors in the field despite believing in DeFi for the long term: “There has been a lot of nonsense in the past two months, but don’t be bothered by it. Try real products that number a dozen. ”

While Wang, a former Messari employee, called on DeFi not to miss opportunities, Messari’s co-founder Ryan Selkis compared the DeFi space with the Bigger Idiot Theory investment. The Bigger Fool Theory refers to finding someone to buy an overpriced and unreasonably priced asset at a higher price than what you get.

Still, Selkis highlighted that investing some money in a few blue chip DeFi assets and forgetting them for three to five years can be a good DeFi investment. The Messari founder thinks one of these blue chip DeFi assets is YFI.

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