Deezer Premium to is it worth subscribing?


Deezer Premium: The services via streaming are already consolidated in the market, being a great way to watch movies and series, play and listen to music and podcasts. There are hundreds of options, with increasingly diverse catalogs that bring together all audiences.

The music streams arrive bringing more practicality to listen to a quality sound, to follow the releases, to find old songs, to follow discography of great artists and to listen to podcasts.

In the Brazilian market we have great options, and today we are going to talk about Deezer Premium, a Brazilian service that has interesting features and competitive advantages. Check out.

Can you use Deezer for free?

Yes, Deezer for free is also available. In this modality, the subscriber can listen to the 73 million tracks available, but they cannot take advantage of functions such as skipping songs, listening without advertising or offline mode.

Creating playlists, favoring songs and artists, listening at random and following the lyrics of the song you are listening to are some of the features available in all plans. So, even if you choose the free option you will have a good experience.

Deezer is paid for in the Premium version

Deezer Premium, which costs R $ 16.90 per month, offers the following benefits to subscribers:

73 million tracks available
No advertising between songs
Possibility to skip as many tracks as you like
Offline mode for listening to music without an internet connection

For those who have never used streaming, you can do a free 3-month trial of the Premium version, a good opportunity to get to know the service. Another benefit is granted to those who subscribe to the annual plan, which guarantees a 25% discount – resulting in the amount of R $ 152.10 instead of R $ 202.80.

For university students aged between 18 and 25, Deezer offers a 50% discount on the subscription, leaving for only R $ 8.45 per month.

More benefits of subscribing to Deezer Premium

The paid subscription service provides better quality audio. This improvement is summarized in compression and compression formats that preserve the quality and all the nuances of the songs.

Another interesting aspect is the offer of personalized resources for subscribers. When navigating between the songs, it is possible to identify the tracks according to your interests, creating unique playlists that will be easily identified due to their tags. This is another special feature for those who spend hours listening to music and like to select what they listen to very well.

If you like to sing while listening to your songs, you can also take advantage of Deezer Premium. The service integrates with platforms such as Lyrics and SongCatcher to provide the lyrics while the track is playing, helping those who want to take the opportunity to practice singing or simply enjoy their songs more deeply.

The Deezer Premium account also has an important advantage for those who want to listen to music on several different devices. The subscription plan allows you to connect up to three different devices to your application, which means that you can enjoy the benefits of the plan in more than one place at the same time.

Among the compatible devices, we have:

Desktops and notebooks (through the browser or own application)
Cell phones and tablets (Android and iOS)
Smart Watches and Wristbands (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin and smartwatches with Wear OS by Google)
Speakers from different brands (Bose, Harman Kardon, LG, Samsung, Sonos and others)
Voice assistants (Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant)
TVs and video games (Android TV, Roku, Xbox and others)
Cars (Android Auto, Carplay, Waze and others)

Deezer Premium variations

If you are interested in subscribing to Deezer Premium, it is worth knowing some variations of this service, such as the Deezer Family, which costs R $ 26.90 per month and offers a plan for those who want to integrate the whole family in a single package.

The standard Deezer Premium allows you to connect up to three different devices, while the Deezer Family allows you to create up to six different members in a single account, all of whom can create their own collections and have their own personal recommendations. In this mode, it is possible to connect the application to listen to music on up to 13 different devices.

The Deezer HiFi plan, which also costs R $ 26.90 per month, offers the same plans as the Premium, but with the differential of providing high quality sound. The music in the FLAC format (compression codec without loss of information) preserves all the characteristics of the audio, guaranteeing a quality similar to that found in recording studios.

Deezer HiFi also offers exclusive early access to 360 Reality Audio tracks through the 360 ​​by Deezer app. This service offers exclusive and crystal-clear productions for all songs played.


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