Deezer ‘Premium’, ‘Family’ and ‘HiFi’ Packages are 3 Months Free for New Subscribers


The popular music platform Deezer; He made Premium, Family and HiFi packages free for you to try for 3 months. You can learn about the features of the packages offered by the platform and how you can obtain the packages.

Listening to music at this time when everyone is closed home is one of the best methods to use to relieve our troubles. Of course, listening to a quality music makes this activity much more enjoyable and full. Today, we have news that will improve your music listening experience.

Deezer, which is one of the most used music platforms of today, has signed a big campaign that is also valid in our country. With the new campaign, users who will try Deezer for the first time will be able to try the platform’s Premium, Family and HiFi packages for 3 months free of charge.

Deezer; He made Premium, Family and HiFi packages for 3 months free of charge:

With the new campaign launched by Deezer, many users who want to give the platform a chance will be able to listen to music without ads and for 3 months according to the order they want. The features of the packages in Deezer’s new campaign are as follows:

Deezer Premium: The package, unlike the free version, allows users to skip an unlimited number of songs and listen to music. However, users can download the music they want to their devices beforehand and listen to them whenever they want without the need for an internet connection.

Deezer Family: Deezer Family, which is Deezer’s family package, offers all the features offered to users in the same way, but only one user can use one account in the Premium package, while 6 different users can use the same account in the Family package.

Deezer HiFi: Offering this opportunity to those who want to listen to high quality music, Deezer HiFi package comes with much more than the features offered to users with Premium package. Thanks to this package, users can access the deepest point of the music by listening to the music they want in FLAC format.

How to get a free Deezer account for 3 months?
To get free access to the package you want for 3 months in Deezer, first choose the package that suits you. Once you have chosen the package you want, access Deezer’s website and follow the steps below:

Click on ‘Start trial’ located under the package you selected. (Click on ‘Learn more’ to get the HiFi package.)

Create a Deezer account from the page that comes up.
Enter your payment information and click on ‘Start my free trial’. (There will be no charge from your account for 3 months, if you do not cancel your membership after 3 months, the standard fee of the package you choose will continue to be paid monthly.)

After this phase, you can log in to your Deezer account and enjoy the privileges of the package you have chosen for 3 months.


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