Deezer offers a special mobile application for podcasters


Deezer announced Analytics by Deezer, a tool specially developed for podcast publishers. Thanks to the application, it will be possible to get instant information about the performance of the broadcasts.

The new app provides information about the audience and success of the programs with easy-to-read charts and statistics and helps you shape your content strategy. Analytics by Deezer, available on iOS and Android, has two different tabs to discover more about podcast feeds.

The analysis tab includes the number of streams of the podcast broadcast, individual listeners, fans and shares. It is also possible to find the best performing broadcast and the rest period from here. Audience tab, on the other hand, displays age and gender information about podcast listeners. In addition, from this tab, you can view the list of devices where podcast broadcasts are listened to, and listen rates from mobile, desktop application and web.

Stating that they are hearing about announcing Analytics by Deezer and being the only streaming service that offers podcast information in a mobile application, Deezer Content Manager Frédéric Antelme said, “As the world’s interest in podcasts increases, we wanted to share informative data so that podcast publishers can access important information about their programs. Broadcasters can get to know their audience better and improve their advertising plans. ” said.

Thanks to the application, publishers will be able to share their rest numbers directly with their followers on social media. To get started, they’ll just need to create an account in the app and request information about the program. The application, which can be accessed worldwide, is offered for free. Analytics by Deezer is available in English around the world and can be downloaded for free from the iOS or Android app stores.

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