Deezer launches music search in the app by humming, whistling and singing


Deezer says their music identification technology SongCatcher can now search for songs based on humming, whistling and singing.

Anyone interested in the song can now hum, whistle or sing an excerpt in the Deezer app. “Everyone knows how frustrating it is when a song gets stuck in their head, and we are very proud to be the first music streaming service in the world that gives our users the ability to identify a track by simply humming, humming or whistling right in the app,” says Alexandra Lelup, vice president of Core products, Deezer.

“As we continue to improve the algorithm, this feature will become faster and more accurate when it comes to recognizing songs in our library of 90 million tracks,” she adds. Deezer first launched SongCatcher in 2018 to help users identify millions of tracks worldwide.

How to Use Deezer SongCatcher

Open the Deezer app on your phone.
Click on the magnifying glass in the lower right corner.
Click “What is this song?” to activate SongCatcher.
“Do you want to sing or hum instead?”
Start humming the tune you want to identify.
Deezer reports that in 2022, with the help of SongCatcher, the top three most popular songs included:

“Calm down” by Remy
“How It Was” by Harry Styles
“Hold My Hand” by Lady Gaga

Deezer’s claim that it’s the first music streaming service to offer background audio identification may be true, but Google Search has been letting you find music by humming or humming for some time now. You can even make it as fake as you want, and Google usually returns the correct result if you understand the text correctly (if you sing).

Deezer’s music identification technology seems a little less perfect, but that’s the point. They hope that people use this feature to improve the algorithm. Figuring out which parts of a song people find most memorable is a valuable guideline for identifying songs by fake buzz, missing lyrics, and completely incorrect notes.


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