Deezer launches app with podcast statistics for creators


On Monday (17), Deezer announced the launch of an exclusive tool for podcasters to check the performance of their productions on the streaming platform.

The new Analytics by Deezer app is available for Android phones and iPhone (iOS), and has the proposal to facilitate strategies for creating and disseminating content in podcasts. The service provides content creators with access to tools capable of relating performance and audience information to programs.

Analytics by Deezer brings two areas of analysis for podcasters. The analytics section provides useful data for creators, such as the number of streams, unique visitors, episode sharing, audience peak and information about the program’s average listening time. The section on target audience informs the age and gender of the listeners, detailing which platform the program was consumed on – such as on an iPhone, Android, on the web or on a PC.

The data and graphics facilitate the creation and dissemination of content in streaming and, according to the Head of Content at Deezer Frédéric Antelme, the application allows creators to “get to know their audience better and refine their advertising plans”.

To publish podcasts on Deezer, you need to use a podcast hosting service or a website that generates an RSS feed. You can also submit your program at ( If sent with the correct specifications, the program will be available within one business day in the streaming application. The platform does not charge for the availability of the content sent.

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