Deeds: Kristin Davis to star in black comedy


According to the American portal Deadline, actress Kristin Davis will star and produce a black comedy special entitled Deeds. The production was commissioned by HBO Max and also counts on the company Calamity Jane, by Ellen Pompeo (Gray’s Anatomy), involved in the project. So far, the platform has not yet confirmed a debut date.

Learn more about the comedy Deeds

The production will feature a single episode of half an hour. Deeds was written by Michael Davidoff and tells the story of a desperate realtor who is forced to work with a drug addict and sociopathic couple to get along in the city of Los Angeles.

In addition to Deeds, Kristin Davis is also involved in another giant HBO Max project: the revival of Sex and The City. The actress relives her original role as Charlotte York Goldenblatt alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon.

In 2019, the actress also participated in Netflix’s Holiday in the Wild, and co-created NBC’s Working.

In addition to Kristin Davis, the HBO Max production also features Gray’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and Laura Holstein as executive producers for Calamity Jane. Dave Fleming also signs the production.

So far, more information about the cast and the start of the recordings has not been released. So, keep an eye on the site so you don’t miss any details!

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