Dedicated Elden Ring Plays 1000 Hours, Breaking the Game Clock


A truly devoted fan Elden Ring has played the game for over 1000 hours, which is the maximum playing time. The open-world fantasy epic FromSoftware, released back in February, has conquered the gaming industry thanks to its scale and reliable RPG mechanics. Extremely positive reviews of Elden Ring make the game an obvious contender for the title of “Game of the Year”, but one fan did everything possible to show his love for such adventures.

The successor to previous FromSoftware games, in particular the Dark Souls trilogy, Elden Ring is a reliable role–playing game that allows players to create characters and explore vast lands between worlds. The goal of the game is to kill demigods and ascend to the throne of the Elden Lord, but along the way players may encounter a huge variety of content. There are additional quest lines, hidden areas, and ruthless side bosses to keep each tarnished warrior occupied for hundreds of hours. The game design of Elden Ring is unique compared to other open-world games due to the lack of markers on the map, which allows players to immerse themselves in the intermediate lands and discover content for themselves.

A post from Reddit user JayzRebellion15 (via Game Rant) shows that a dedicated Elden Ring player has maxed out the game hours by playing over 1000 hours. The counter stops at 999 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, although LayzRebellion15 played even longer. Fellow redditors have estimated that dedicated Tarnished has been playing for about 7.5 hours every day since the launch of Elden Ring in February. JayzRebellion15 suggests that they spent most of their playing time in their free time, although other Reddit users suggest that they may have left the game on overnight to increase their playing time.

To bring the game clock to the maximum is a truly impressive feat, standing among other challenges, such as defeating Elden Ring with a piano controller. The epic from FromSoftware is extremely difficult for most players, but some are looking for even greater challenges by playing the game in strange ways. A piano controller, for example, associates each controller input with a specific note on the piano. This turns the final battle of the game against an Ancient Beast into a tense melody in which the player successfully defeats an otherworldly monster and declares a musical victory over the Lands Between.

Elden Ring has captured the hearts and minds of gamers all over the world, but JayzRebellion15 has done everything possible to show his love for the game. Playing for over 1,000 hours shows a lot of commitment, even though the game clock may not actually go that high. However, The Lands Between has a lot of adventures to offer, so spending more than 1,000 hours there doesn’t even seem like an exhausting ordeal.