Decorate the streets of Seoul with Jungkook’s painting


The youngest of BTS, Jungkook, is just a few days away from his birthday and in Seoul, South Korea they are celebrating it in advance.

Images of BTS’s Jungkook hang on the streets of South Korea to celebrate his birthday.

It’s only a few days until the K-pop idol’s birthday; Jeon Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997 and is about to turn 23 years old (24 in Korean age) and ARMY’s preparations to celebrate Kookie’s special day have already started, the countdown is about to end and there will be several projects to his name.

Through social media, BTS and Jungkook’s fan bases announced one of the birthday projects.


BigHit’s group lives in luxury condos at Nine One Hannam in an upscale Seoul neighborhood, so they put up banners with the idol’s image along the main Hannam road.

The posters are made up of a photo of Jungkook and the phrase “Miracle of September” dedicated to the Bangtan member. ARMY hopes that with this large-scale project they will be able to see each of the advertisements hanging from the poles, in addition, it seems that they placed the tiger flower that corresponds to their date of birth.

“Stay with Jungkook” is one of the promises for his birthday, the BigHit idol is only 22 years old, but he has managed to fulfill big dreams with BTS, he has known other countries thanks to the success and popularity of the Korean pop group, the maknae It continues to grow and in a few days you will receive several messages of congratulations and love.

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ARMY prepares to celebrate Jungkook

ARMY has also prepared other projects on his behalf, such as some events in cafes, advertisements on advertising screens in the streets of Korea, subway stations, rabbit adoption campaigns, as some fans compare him to these animals, they will also make donations to your name for various organizations.

Jungkook will also receive support in his solo music, as stream sessions have been organized for his singles “My time”, “Euphoria”, “Still with you”, among others.

But if you think it’s too much, in other parts of the world like Shanghai, there will be led signs made up of drones that will light up the night sky on September 1. Wow! If you are a fan of BTS’s Jungkook, tell us, what will you do that day to celebrate the young idol?


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