Decision from YouTube that makes iPhone users happy


The “Picture in Picture” feature prepared by YouTube was once again changed and the request of iOS users was fulfilled. iOS 14 offered this feature to all iPhone users.

The number of members that smartphones bring to YouTube is quite high. The American video site, which is about to turn 15, continues to adapt the systems that Android users love to iOS.

YouTube Picture-in-Picture feature is reactivated for iOS

Every user who entered YouTube via iPhone and Safari could save time by choosing this option before. Because a person using this mode could both message and watch videos from YouTube thanks to a small screen.

The video viewing platform, which has been in service since 2005, took such a functional technology from users who are not YouTube Premium members. Thus, people who did not register to the system named YouTube Premium were unfortunately not as lucky as those who paid for their Premium membership.

Only viewers who subscribed to YouTube Premium could use this feature. As of today, there seems to be no such distinction anymore. People who do not have a premium membership and use Safari with their iPhone device can also use the “Picture in Picture” mode.

It was said that YouTube, which did not make any statements on the subject, has not made a permanent decision on this issue yet. From this point of view, we will wait a while to understand whether this decision is permanent or not. Do you think YouTube closes such an issue with a move in favor of users who do not pay for the service named Premium? We are waiting your comments.


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