December 2021 Gold Free Games Announced for Xbox Series X | S And Xbox One


Xbox: Here’s the selection of titles confirmed to participate in the December 2021 Free Games with Gold promotion on Xbox systems. Xbox has confirmed the titles that will be part of the monthly Xbox Live Gold rotation. Four new games will be available on the subscription grid throughout the month of December and part of January 2022. Once you add them to your library, they will remain there forever, although you must be subscribed to this service or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to access to them.

Free games with Gold in December

Among the selected titles, the incorporation of Tropico 5 stands out. The management title comes on subscription with the Penultimate Edition, which includes two additional content: The Big Cheese and Hostile Takeover. The Escapist 2, on the other hand, will quench the thirst for those who were dissatisfied with the first installment.

Here is the complete list:

The Escapists 2 – Available December 1-31 on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One
Tropico 5: Penultimate Edition – Available December 16 – January 15 on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One
Orc Must Die! – Available December 1-15 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – Available December 16-31 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
Remember that you still have time to redeem some of those available in the November batch. Moving Out and Batman 2 DC Super Heroes will remain until November 30, while Kingdom Two Crowns will do the same with a December 15 deadline. Once you complete the redemption, they will remain linked to your library forever. You can play when you are signed up for Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.