Debris: NBC Sci-fi Series Canceled After Season 1


Debris: NBC canceled the science fiction series Debris after just one season. According to information released by the website Variety, the attraction did not show good ratings, which led to the station’s decision not to continue the story.

According to those responsible for production, there were no plans for the closure at that time and, thus, many mysteries covered throughout the plot and in the final episode will not have answers.

Debris followed the work of two agents, Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) — of the CIA — and Finola Jones (Riann Steele) — of MI6 — to recover the wreckage of a fallen spacecraft on Earth. In addition to the plot dealing with evidence of the existence of alien life, each step of the investigation resulted in a series of developments in the laws of physics, with mysteries outside of human comprehension.

Earlier this year, J.H. Wyman (Fringe), creator of the series, gave an interview to Collider to talk about his plans for an eventual 2nd season. “When I presented the concept for the show, I had a very clear idea of ​​how I was going to tell the story and where it would go. [NBC] supported the proposal and really loved everything we had talked about and planned [for the future of the attraction].”

“You know from Fringe that I don’t like to keep secrets. I like to bring up some mysteries for my science fiction audience to be interested in. [By following the episodes] fans will know where the plot is going and what my plan is. I can say that I know what the last scene in the series will be, I just don’t know exactly how to get there,” he added.

The final episode of Debris aired in the US on May 24th. In Brazil, no broadcasting station or service has yet completed the 1st season. While there are cases where another channel has acquired the rights to continue a show, there is currently no evidence that this could happen with this NBC series. That’s because the low ratings made it difficult to build a strong fan base to do this kind of campaign.

With the cancellation, the US network has yet to give an answer regarding the future of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Good Girls and Manifest. That’s because other NBC series, such as Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU and The Blacklist, have already had their next few years ordered.


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