Debris: actor talks about developing science fiction series


Debris, NBC’s new science fiction series, is being aired by the broadcaster every Monday. And in a recent interview with TV Line, Jonathan Tucker, one of the protagonists of the production, talked about how the development of the series will follow in the next episodes.

Created by JH Wyman, the same Fringe screenwriter, Debris tells the saga of Bryan Beneventi (Tucker) and Finola Jones (Riann Steele), two special agents, from the CIA and MI6, who are working together to track the wreckage of an alien spaceship .

With the complicity of the duo and several mysteries exhibited with the advancement of the narrative, the series of science fiction has bet on captivating the public with its sinister dynamics. In this regard, Jonathan Tucker revealed that, in addition to the Debris plot, the figure of the project’s showrunner caught his attention a lot.

“We can have a great script in hand, but if the showrunner is not so good, there will be problems,” he analyzed. “Having done a little science fiction with Westworld, I came to understand how exciting this genre can be for an actor, as there are no boundaries,” he argued.

According to the actor, despite questions about where the series is going, he guarantees that everything is well tied and has a final purpose. “I can also say that the partnership with NBC, until now and mainly after the debut, has been remarkable,” he said.

Jonathan Tucker reveals details about the audience can expect from upcoming Debris episodes

Debris’s plot may seem simple, but it has a degree of complexity in its depths. The wreckage of the alien ship can cause damage if found by laymen. In this sense, Jonathan Tucker points out that the first five episodes will provide a good understanding of this issue to the public.

“The two episodes that we are filming for now deal with lapses and cascades of fractures in time. We put a lot of different elements in the series for each episode, ”he commented, adding that the visual effects will be less scary from now on.


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