Deaths are Coming in Season 4 of “Very Strange Things”, Volume 2, teases the star


“Very Strange Cases” star Noah Schnapp is teasing major deaths when Season 4 returns in Volume 2. After a nearly three-year hiatus, the sci-fi horror series has returned to Netflix with a record number of viewers. Schnapp plays Will Byers in a popular show dedicated to the 80s, which tells about a group of high school students from Hawkins, Indiana, who are again fighting with dark mysterious forces that have broken through from a parallel dimension known as the Wrong One.

Six months after the events of the third season, the Byers family, along with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), moved to California to start a new life. However, the past has caught up with the family, as Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) travel to Russia to rescue Police Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour), and Will, Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) track down Eleven to free her from the clutches of the government. Meanwhile, in Hawkins, the remaining gang investigates a series of murders committed by a paranormal interdimensional entity known as Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), putting themselves in danger as the creature targeted their friend Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink).

During a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Schnapp said that deaths were coming in Volume 4 of Season 2 of Very Strange Cases. The actor’s revelation clearly shocked both the late-night talk show host and his audience. Fallon jokingly criticized his guest for teasing, and then demanded more information. Read the dialogue between Schnapp and Fallon below.

Fallon: What can we say about [Volume 2]?

Schnapp: We can expect from Volume 2… we have a few deaths. A little blood and a big —

Fallon: Wow! This is a big spoiler!

Schnapp: No, but…

Fallon: Dude, you just said something you can’t say.

Schnapp: No, but I didn’t say who.

FALLON: …You didn’t say who? There aren’t many people to choose from.

Schnapp: Well, you guys can assume that clearly someone is going to… (shows mercilessly)

FALLON: No! We don’t assume that!


FALLON: No. We just think you’re going to go to the mall, hang out and, like, relax.

SCHNAPP: Yes. So, no. We’re going to go to the mall and hang out.

FALLON: So— wow. Wow… Someone or some people?

Schnapp: Well, I’m done because you’re scaring me.

Although Fallon scolded Schnapp for the fact that the deaths are the main spoiler, the actor is right in his assumption that viewers should expect this. Even the creators of the series, the Duffer brothers, teased the likely major deaths in season 4 of “Very Strange Cases.” In every previous season of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, outstanding characters died, such as Barb Holland (Shannon Purser) in the first season, Bob Newby (Sean Estin) in the second season and Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) in the third season. probably no different, since the main character hasn’t died yet.

In each of the seasons, the main deaths occurred with the characters that were introduced in this season. However, it is possible that season 4 may include the death of an instrumental character who has been part of the show for several years. A possible candidate for a solemn departure from “Very strange cases” is Murray. In season four, his character has become a distinctly heroic figure as he and Joyce travel to Soviet territory to free Hopper. He flew an airplane, snuck into prison and demonstrated excellent fighting abilities, saving the lives of his friends. Creating such a heroic arch for Murray only reinforces the possibility that he could be one of the deaths featured when the second volume of “Very Strange Cases” hits Netflix on July 1.