Deathloop Still Has A Secret Not Found By Players


Deathloop was a game that arrived quietly and ended up conquering a considerable portion of the audience. So, it was to be expected that these guys would venture not only in the main campaign, but also in unraveling everything the game has to offer – and, apparently, there is still a secret that has not been seen by anyone.

The information in question was disclosed on the Twitter profile of Julien Eveillé, level designer of the game, where there is also the fact that this secret is not something that big. In his words, “it takes up a fair amount of space, but it’s not huge.”

“I know the internet hasn’t found everything hidden in Deathloop yet. There’s still a secret I want someone to find out. […] Large vehicles are talking about it today and, although I’m flattered, the impression is of something huge, but it’s not. It takes up a fair amount of space, but it’s not huge,” says the message.

Finally, the level designer gave a hint: this fact “is a big consequence of an even bigger event, which will only happen if you make it happen”, apparently in Updaam during the midday and afternoon periods of the game.

So, can you imagine what this secret is about? Leave your message in the space below for comments.


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