Deathloop Goes Gold and Is Ready To Arrive in September


Arkane Studios announced today, August 5th, that Deathloop has gone gold and is ready for its release, which takes place September 14th on PS5 and PC. The information was released on the game’s official Twitter account.

When a game goes gold, it usually means that its base development has been completed and that it is ready for release. That’s not to say the developer stopped working on it, though. Even more these days, where patches and extra content have become commonplace, work on the game continues after it goes gold, but the expression is used to say that its first version has been completed and there will be no further delays.

Deathloop is the last title produced by Bethesda before its acquisition by Microsoft, which put the game in an interesting limbo. The game will be released exclusively on PS5 and PC, while its production company has become ownership of the Xbox. This is a strong indication that we may quite possibly see Deathloop on other platforms eventually, but there is still no official information released in this regard.

In Deathloop, the player is stuck in a time loop and has to find a way to escape. This involves killing specific characters and exploring the setting at different times of the day to figure out the optimal route to accomplish your mission before the loop restarts. And all this while fleeing from a rival assassin, who can be controlled by other players when online mode is on.


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