Deathloop Announces Goldenloop Update with Trailer


Arkane Studios’ latest flagship game, Deathloop, will receive a substantial content update on all platforms on September 20 called Goldenloop. With the largest batch of post-launch content the game has received since its release in 2021, Goldenloop promises to update most aspects of the game and serves as a kind of follow-up to its Xbox launch earlier in September.

While Deathloop has not received any major expansion packs, as is often the case with Arkane Studios games, instead it gets more free content after launch. Goldenloop, in particular, is not as significant as the actual paid DLC, but it introduces many new elements to the meta of the game, each of which can be useful for developing new strategies and approaches to the main development of the gameplay.

The Goldenloop update comes out on September 20 to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Deathloop console, and promises players a huge number of system updates. Additions include the Halps Prototype beam weapon, the Fugue ability for Colt, improvements for Julianna’s Masquerade ability, and the Paint-Bomber enemy type. Perhaps most importantly, the game now also supports optional cross-platform play, allowing PC, PlayStation and Xbox players to compete in an asymmetric PvP Deathloop if they so choose.

Although it has been suggested that Deathloop may have a big month this September, Arkane and Bethesda have so far successfully kept the Goldenloop update a secret. Most players expected that the big news would be the release of the game on Xbox on September 14. But with new weapons, enemy types, tiles, and the availability of a cross-platform player matching feature, players got another big piece of content. to have fun.

Some are still hoping to see a full-fledged Deathloop expansion pack at some point in time, as the game’s original plot certainly left more than enough room for Arkane Studios to do whatever it wants with it. However, now that the Goldenloop update has been properly revealed, it can be argued that Arkane is just putting things in order before fully moving on to Redfall, its next flagship release.

Curiously, the extensive gameplay demonstrations of Redfall imply that Arkane may be leaning more towards shooters in its latest projects. While the developer previously worked almost exclusively on immersive simulators such as Dishonored and Prey, Deathloop is more of a simple FPS, which seems to apply to Redfall as well.

Deathloop is already available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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