Deathloop, A Game Made With PS5 In Mind


Deathloop: The exclusive in consoles from Arkane Studios is already on sale as a great claim for the new generation. Deathloop is already on sale as one of the great exclusives of PS5 in its first year of life, and it does it, in addition, as a game that optimizes the unique characteristics of the Sony machine. At Arkane Studios they have been creating some of the most surprising and immersive experiences in the medium for years, and now they have been able to continue advancing that concept thanks to some of the capabilities that Sony’s fifth desktop console can offer them and that has allowed them to experiment with something. that before, it was simply not possible.

Fluidity has always been a total and absolute goal for the Arkane Studios gaming experience, and something that will allow the power of PS5 is precisely to be able to target 60 frames per second without sacrificing visual quality compared to the previous generation of consoles. . A fluidity and a visual experience that until now, on consoles, was not possible, and that Deathloop will fulfill. But where the immersion takes a step forward and where it is seen that the game is made to be played on PS5, it is through the DualSense.

Feel what you see through the controller

Dinga Bakaba, game director of Deathloop, admitted in an interview that the unique capabilities of the console have allowed them to create a much more personalized and concrete experience. And that the PS5 controller has a lot to do with it. As has happened with most players who have released their console, when Bakaba took the controller, he simply smiled, because not only was he smiling, but also his hands. And his words have been transferred to the game: features only possible on PS5 to give another kind of immersion.

The DualSense is the most revolutionary controller that PlayStation has created in its history, and it is for two obvious reasons: adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Triggers place us in situations that before we could not foresee or, above all, feel. When it comes to firing weapons at the start of the game, they are not usually the most powerful or the most clever, and they can easily run aground. It does not work! It’s the first thing that comes to mind when the trigger locks. And so it is: the gun has jammed. What happens on the screen we are feeling on the controls, and that is relevant, but even more so in a first-person shooter. But there is more.


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