Death to 2020: unveiled trailer of fake documentary!


Netflix has just unveiled the teaser for the highly anticipated mock documentary: Death to 2020. Inspired by the “fabulous” year that we lived

If there is one thing we should all agree on, it is about the year 2020. Indeed, everyone should approve that this is one of the worst years that we have lived. To confirm our thoughts, the directors of Black Mirror have chosen to shoot a false documentary and broadcast it on Netflix. The latter will be titled “Death in 2020”.

Because yes, while there was some good news for some, this year should not be remembered by everyone. Do we need to remember that 2020 has “allowed” us to know about Covid-19? The containment and closure of restaurants and nightclubs?

It is for this reason that the title “Death to 2020” is found. We couldn’t find a better way to qualify the last few months. Well when we know that it is the Black Mirror teams that are behind this project, we have no real doubts as to its quality.

Indeed, the “dads” of the series can appear as visionaries. Imagining, through the episodes, how the world might come to fall apart because of technological advances.

That’s why, we can’t wait to see “Death to 2020” and find out what the dream cast will convey to us.


Because yes, the dream cast is indeed in this project. Between Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, or Lisa Kudrow, we will be able to find many famous faces. These, playing a false role as Melty notes.

The first actor will have for example the role of an expert, the second a historian, and finally, the actress known thanks to Friends, a political personality. All of them, therefore playing a specific role in the documentary “Death to 2020”.

Sharing, in their words, their feelings about the past year. It remains to be seen whether everyone will find their way around and whether it can be seen as a real story.

Those who are anxiously awaiting “Death to 2020”, know that they will have to wait until December 27. Date on which Netflix will upload its new project.


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