Death Stranding Director’s Cut Unveils Its Final Trailer


Death Stranding will make its PS5 debut in the same style as Ghost of Tsushima – in the form of a Director’s Cut version, bringing more content to the game as well as optimizations to take advantage of the new console’s features. Kojima Productions released the final trailer for the expanded version of their first game:

According to the producer, the video was directed and edited by Kojima himself, which explains its duration of almost five minutes. In many ways, this trailer is more representative of the mood of pessimism and desolation the player experiences throughout the game, so it’s a good way to “feel” better for someone who’s never played.

The result, however, shows a little less of the news brought by Director’s Cut than previous promotional videos. That’s because many of the new mechanics and equipment were introduced thinking of those who have already played the game, and are a bit out of line with the first experience imagined for the title.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will bring haptic feedback and support for tough triggers on the PS5, as well as speed up your load times and run in 4K upscale at 60fps, or native 4K at 30fps. The game makes its debut on September 24th.


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