Death Stranding Director’s Cut Only Mentions PS5 On ESRB Page


Death Stranding: You can tell it’s not all that uncommon for people to find out certain game details because of listings on the ESRB, which is the American board responsible for age rating games. This time, for example, it wasn’t long before some fans realized that Death Stranding Director’s Cut only mentions the PS5 on its ESRB page.

This could mean that the title will only be released on Sony’s new console rather than having a version for the PS4 or even other platforms. Of course Death Stranding Director’s Cut may also have a PC release later, as was the case with the original edition. In this case, it received a separate rating on the ESRB website at the time, which could be repeated with the director’s version of this title.

It’s worth mentioning that we still don’t know exactly what’s new in this issue, as the trailer for its ad didn’t tell us much. Luckily, the game’s ratings page may have given a hint to this, as its description has a single sentence different from the original. The phrase says that in some scenarios, players will be able to stealthily take down enemies, including by strangling them from behind.

Considering that the Death Stranding Director’s Cut trailer made some references to the Metal Gear Solid franchise, it makes sense that the new edition of the game has something to do with stealth mechanics. Of course, we’ll have to wait for more news to know both the platforms where the title will be released and what it will be different about.


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