Death Stranding Director’s Cut Hides A Terrifying New Easter egg: Nod To P.T.?


Death Stranding Director’s Cut: The definitive version of the latest from Hideo Kojima for PS5 hides an Easter egg surprise that will terrify good old Sam. Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the definitive version of the latest from Kojima Productions, seems to be hiding more surprises than we thought. So much so, that a Twitter user has shared a most surprising discovery (via Games Radar) in the form of an easter egg that could well be related to another product that came from the creative mind of Hideo Kojima: the terrifying and haunting PT And it is that the Japanese videogame designer usually relates many of his works through hidden references in his title; and now it seems that he has done it again with Death Stranding.

Spoilers notice from the next paragraph

P.T. It is remembered as one of the most celebrated playable teaser projects of recent years, a conceptual demo of what a new Silent Hill should be and which became one of the most intense horror experiences in video game history. Now a Twitter user appears to have found a direct reference to P.T. in the shape of an easter egg.

So much so, that in the scene shared on YouTube, we can see the character of actor Norman Reedus (who, remember, also participated in P.T.), Sam Porter, enjoying a peaceful stay in his Death Strandig habit capsule. Suddenly, a disturbing silhouette appears inside the shower, reminiscent of Lisa’s ghost, both in appearance and in spasm-like movements.

As Sam approaches, a jump scare suddenly occurs reminiscent of the animation in which Lisa traps the player in the claustrophobic ā€œLā€ -shaped corridor, although with a more similar appearance to the entities of Death Stranding. Be that as it may, it seems as if Kojima has paid tribute to the remembered demo teaser of him in the Death Stranding universe. After this scene, Sam wakes up from what seems to have been just a nightmare …


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