Death Stranding: Cliff Gets Sensational Statue … and Very Expensive


Death Stranding: Prime 1 Studio revealed on Friday (23) that the statue of Clifford Unger, a character from Death Stranding played by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, officially started its pre-order period.

The Cliff collectible is another item in the luxury product line of Prime 1 Studio, a company specializing in making statues and busts inspired by the geek universe. The antagonist of the game by Hideo Kojima is presented in an incredibly realistic edition equipped with a tailor-made fabric suit, a reinforced base and LED lighting.

In addition, the figure is available in two different versions: one with a lower cost, with the head made of high density polystone, and the other with a more realistic portrait that uses medical grade silicone for the face and rooted hair. Both models are just over 100 centimeters tall, almost half the actual size of Mads.

Despite the luxury and the revolutionary design, fans must prepare the pocket to acquire the statue, having to sacrifice even the purchase of a vehicle or payment from the university. According to the store, the “cheaper” version – or less expensive – costs US $ 2,600 (approximately R $ 14,200, in direct conversion), while Black Label will not cost less than US $ 3,600 (approximately R $ 19,600, in conversion) with a circulation limited to 250 units. It is worth remembering that these values ​​do not include freight charges.

What did you think of the ad? Would you like to have a mini Clifford in your home? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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