Death Stranding 2 and Overdose May Determine Kojima’s Future


Despite the fact that Hideo Kojima’s appearance at the recent Xbox Games Showcase event was shorter than many fans would like, there is no denying its importance. Now that Kojima Productions’ schedule is starting to be officially confirmed, it becomes clear that the studio will have a lot of work to do in the next few years. Considering that an exclusive project, which could potentially be called Overdose, is in development with Microsoft, and there are rumors about the existence of Death Stranding 2, the games that he will release next time may create or destroy his reputation.

Considering that Hideo Kojima’s career at that time lasted almost 4 decades and included such cult hits as Metal Gear Solid, it’s safe to say that his own long-term legacy is safe. However, when it comes to the last studio that bears his name and the next chapter of his journey, everything is not so clear. After Kojima’s divorce from Konami in 2015, fans waited to see how high his work could soar without the publisher breathing down his neck. For many reasons, his next few games could determine his future.

Kojima’s Overdose Game

Currently, there are few details, at least in an official capacity, when it comes to Kojima’s exclusive project for Xbox. At a recent Microsoft public demonstration, the publisher rolled out the creator to confirm insider leaks that have been circulating online for almost a year. At some point in the future, Kojima will release an exclusive for Microsoft, which the man himself described as the game he always wanted to make. When it comes to career-defining statements, such words are hard to beat. If the game in question is Kojima’s dream project, it will be hard to escape from whatever legacy she eventually preserves.

Thanks to several leaks that appeared on the Internet on the eve of the Microsoft event, there was a feeling on the web that the game in question was called Overdose. The same reports claim that the game is a horror game that uses mixed camera perspectives, and starring Margaret Qually from Death Stranding. It is easy to imagine such a fiction, if it turns out to be real, being a deeply personal project of Kojima. Ever since Konami cancelled his Silent Hills title, a lot of people have wanted to see what could have been. Expectations and, consequently, its ability to become a landmark release are high.

Even if Overdose turns out to be a separate project, the Xbox exclusive from Kojima Productions will still be an important chapter in the history of the studio. Targeting an audience that has missed its founder’s most iconic games in the past ensures that there will be pressure to offer them something special. Moreover, reports that the game in question will use Microsoft cloud technologies mean that the studio’s new partner will also be interested in the results. While such a move is undoubtedly fraught with risk, the reward in terms of reputation could be even higher if Kojima Productions succeeds.

Deadly Thread 2

Over the past year or so, several leaks have appeared online that suggest Kojima Productions is in the early stages of creating Death Stranding 2. Thanks primarily to Norman Reedus’ comments, it looks like the actor is about to return to the place of Sam Porter Bridges. If the game turns out to be a real project, its existence will be a turning point in the life of Kojima Productions. Trying to build a franchise beyond a single record is an important creative step for a new independent studio. Naturally, comparisons will be made between him and Metal Gear, which will further raise expectations.

The fact that Sony apparently wanted to give the green light to another Death Stranding game is also an important turn of events. Despite the fact that the first game was met positively, there were rumors in the network that it did not achieve the sales goals set by the publisher. The director’s version of Death Stranding and the PC ports of the game can be seen as Sony’s attempt to recoup its investment from the studio it helped create. More money invested in the future of Kojima Productions while it is simultaneously working with Microsoft means that the pressure on it to knock something out of the park will be higher than ever.

There are rumors that Death Stranding 2 is in development.