Death Note Is Linked To Violence In A Brazilian Program And Shocks Fans


Death Note: This last Sunday, the 17th, the Record channel caught the attention of manga and anime fans by relating cases of violence and suicide to the literary series Death Note. The article, shown by the Domingo Espetacular program, was rejected on the internet by several internet users.

According to the report, both the manga and the anime contain scenes of extreme violence that can cause mental damage to the health of young adolescents.

On Twitter, a number of fans of the story written by Tsugumi Ohba demonstrated against the station.

“Report without any fuss, they have been talking about violence on TV for years. But the World is Violent (Unfortunately). However, whoever watches the anime will understand the story and see how intelligent the content is and proposes exactly the opposite of what the report quotes”, wrote an internet user.

Even several hours after the end of Record’s program, Death Note remains one of the most talked about subjects on the social network.

This is not the first time Japanese production is seen as offensive content. Some countries around the world have even banned manga from being marketed in their territories.

Is that you? Do you think Death Note can offer some kind of risk to your readers/viewers?

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