Death of COVID-19 Patient Rescued by Direct Oxygen to Blood


A coronavirus patient in the USA was brought to life with a new method that was about to die. The 53-year-old man managed to defeat the coronavirus, thanks to a machine called ECMO, where oxygen is delivered directly into the blood.

Doctors from all over the world continue to try different methods for the treatment of people suffering from coronavirus. A coronavirus patient, who is about to die with a new method tried recently in the USA, was brought back to life.

A man named Enes Dedic from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, started to feel unwell after he went to his mother’s funeral in Bosnia and returned to the USA. Having trouble breathing on March 15, the man was hospitalized.

The coronavirus test of the man who had breathing difficulties was positive. After the test was positive, Dedic was connected to the respirator. Although the 53-year-old man remained attached to the breathing apparatus for two days, things started to go bad.

Breathing apparatus was not sufficient to breathe
53-year-old Enes Dedic was taken to John C. Lincoln Medical Center when his breathing apparatus was not enough. Doctors at the medical center decided to try another method when Dedic wasn’t enough.

Dr. Robert Riley and Dr. Anselmo Garcia decided to use a machine called ECMO to save Dedic. The ECMO machine draws blood from the patient’s body and supplies oxygen directly to the blood. Oxygen supplied blood is reintroduced to the patient through the machine.

Enes Dedic, 53, whose condition came to the death limit with his respirator, was in a coma for the first 10 days he was attached to the ECMO machine. Dedic managed to wake up from the coma on the 11th day.

The first human being rescued using ECMO
Enes Dedic, who managed to get rid of coronavirus, was the first person in the world to survive coronavirus with the ECMO method. The 53-year-old man can now breathe on his own from Monday and the coronavirus tests are negative.

Dr. Riley and Dr. Anselmo, who are also the directors of the ECMO program, said that ECMO is used in very difficult situations. The doctors said, “When nothing else remains to help save the patient, we use this method.”

The two doctors, who are the director of the ECMO program, now train healthcare workers at other ECMO centers in Arizona after succeeding with the ECMO machine against coronavirus.


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