Dear Esther: Landkark Edition, Free On Steam For A Limited Time


Dear Esther: Get this walking simulator-type video game for free and permanently, which invites us to experience an endearing mystery. Leading up to its 10th anniversary, PC gamers will have the opportunity to claim Dear Esther: Landmark Edition completely free on Steam, but only until the end of trading today, February 15. Once obtained, the game will become part of the library of titles permanently.

What is Dear Esther like?

This video game is one of the pioneers of the walking simulator genre, a type of adventure very focused on the narrative that bases its gameplay on the interaction with the scenarios and the story. Dear Esther takes us to a strange world, to a desolate island in an uncertain point of the Hebrides. We collect fragments of a letter, excerpts that make up the plot of the video game.

“By ditching traditional gameplay and creating an intrigue-driven gameplay experience, Dear Esther fuses its beautiful settings with a brilliant soundtrack to tell a powerful story of love, loss, guilt and surrender,” reads the official synopsis.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is the definitive edition of the game, featuring a special Director’s Commentary mode that gives us the opportunity to discover the creative approach and inspirations of Rob Briscoe and the rest of The Chinese team. Room.

In our analysis published on FreeGameTips we write that Dear Esther is an intense and sentimental experience like few others. “Only in this way can we listen to Esther and fly freely through the game without the hassles of demanding that it be like the rest.”