Deadpool’s Best Costume Begs to Become MCU Canon

The mercenary with the mouth will soon appear in the Marvel cinematic universe, but when Deadpool finally appears, he must put on his best suit. During his time in the Uncanny X-Force titular super team, Wade Wilson wore a black and gray ensemble, which is one of his best looks to date. If stories with live actors wanted to shake things up a bit, giving Deadpool a different shade of color for his costume would be the perfect way to introduce him into the MCU canon.
Deadpool has worn several costumes during his time as an antihero on the pages of Marvel comics, and his most iconic image is a classic red and black suit. Deadpool has worn virtually the same costume since his first appearance in Fabian Nikieza and Rob Lifeld’s “New Mutants #98,” including dressing in his recognizable image in both Deadpool films starring Ryan Reynolds. Hover, during his time in X-Force, Deadpool wore a remixed version of his usual costume, which was perfect for his presentation in the MCU.
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In Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Dean White and Corey Petit from VC, readers get acquainted with a new version of the team, including Deadpool in a gray suit. The deadly squad was formed to counter threats to mutants and X-Men, so the main super team did not know about their existence. The X-Force roster included Psylocke, Fantomex, Archangel, Wolverine, and Deadpool, as they were willing to do what the X-Men weren’t: kill. The super team was dressed in gray and dark suits, and even Logan chose a new look. However, the best outfit from this series was Deadpool, whose X-Force ensemble brought something new to the table for the antihero, which would be great to see in live action in the MCU.
Deadpool’s “X—Force” costume is a good change of pace for the character, as his gray-black appearance with his menacing red eyes demonstrated the darker side of the hero, even if he was just as witty and super-tough. A mercenary with a mouth. However, given that Deadpool wears his red and black suits in his action movies, seeing how he looks different when he debuts in the MCU would be a welcome switch.
While a normal Deadpool costume seen in live action would be perfectly normal, using his grey X-Force suit to introduce him to the MCU would be an exciting move. This would mean a fresh start and would help establish his connection with the newly emerged mutants, as well as potentially signal the formation of a new X-Force team. Ultimately, his gray suit is the best overall image of Deadpool, as he is asking to appear in the MCU.