Deadpool told about the worst place where he could have been stabbed


Warning! Ahead of the spoilers of “Captain America: Symbol of Truth #2”

In the Marvel universe, Deadpool is known as a man who can withstand many punishments. So of all of them, he knew the worst place to stab.

Despite the fact that many imitators appeared after him, Deadpool is quite unique in the Marvel universe. He fits into the X-Men book series in many ways, but technically he’s not a mutant. He was a foul-mouthed special forces soldier who underwent a brutal procedure to activate a mutant’s latent ability to possess incredible regenerative properties that could rival even Wolverine’s. According to creator Wade, Deadpool and Wolverine are almost twins in this respect. Considering that many consider Deadpool to be crazy, for him having an enhanced healing factor leads to him being quite careless when it comes to taking damage. This also means that it is very difficult to torture and interrogate Wade, since he is psychologically insane and can endure ridiculous punishment.

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In Captain America: Symbol of Truth #2 by Tochi Onyebuchi and R.B. Silva, Captain America Sam Wilson rescues Deadpool from an object. Upon seeing Cap, Deadpool reveals that he is glad Captain America has arrived, because Deadpool was stabbed in the colon, from which feces seep out, which stinks the whole room.

It’s so ridiculously absurd that only Deadpool would make such a comment. First, if a normal person ever gets stabbed in this area, they will die either from blood loss or infection relatively quickly. Also, if someone else with a healing factor had been injured there, the same thing would have happened. Also, since Deadpool doesn’t have any social skills or any filters, he just announces that the room stinks because of where he was stabbed. Wolverine, on the other hand, just kept the comment to himself. That would make him weird or bizarre, two things Deadpool has no doubt about.

But it’s actually a pretty smart detail to know about Deadpool, especially in an interrogation or torture room situation. Pain doesn’t really do much for Deadpool, and it’s hard to torture him psychologically, but if he’s annoyed by the smell of his own leaky colon, then maybe it makes sense to just periodically pierce it and let him just hang upside down to wallow in it. the smell, that’s how Cap found him. Deadpool’s healing factor has numerous weaknesses, and his mouth only makes them worse. So maybe the people who tortured Deadpool had his number, and they already knew where the worst place to stab was.