Deadpool or Ken? Aubrey Plaza fooled Everyone as Jimmy Fallon Forces Her to Choose Between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling


If you had to choose between two of your favorite things/places/people, how would you choose? Well, you should definitely do what Aubrey Plaza did on The Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show. Well, Jimmy Fallon made her play a game called “Guest Test.” In this game, the American actress had to choose between two options. Among these questions, one question concerned the choice between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. Guess who the Plaza chose?

Jimmy Fallon not only tells the audience about the personal and professional lives of the invited celebrities, but also makes us see their funny side. Thanks to his unique style of communication with guests, Jimmy Fallon finds a common language with them. And in this way, celebrities can easily share their thoughts and feelings with the host of the show. And one of the interesting ways to establish contact with his guests is to play a game with them. Fallon played a “Guest Test” with Aubrey Plaza, where she had to choose between two Hollywood Ryans.

Who did Aubrey Plaza choose between Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

Choosing between pizza and tacos, the question arose about choosing Deadpool or Ken. In this game, the audience had to guess the correct answer. Then Aubrey Plaza confirmed the correct answer. Fallon went on to compare the two actors, even angering fans with his inaccurate description of Ryan Gosling. Although the first three answers were correct, the actress fooled everyone here.

Hinting at one actor, the correct answer was another. While everyone thought she liked Ryan Reynolds and would choose him, she did the exact opposite. Plaza chose Barbie actor Ryan Gosling. Among the audience, only 80 guessed. However, keeping the secret until the end, when the audience poll offered the largest number of votes for the actor Deadpool, the star of Emily the Criminal did not even react.

But among the people on stage, only Higgbo guessed correctly. “I mean, Delaware likes Ryan Gosling a little bit about you,” Higgbo replied. And, thus, in the end, assuming the opposite, the 38-year-old actress fooled everyone.

Who would you choose between Deadpool and Ken? Tell us in the comment box below while you learn more about the “Tonight Show” here on NBC.


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