Deadpool crossover “The Secret of Monty Python” was awarded the “Funniest killer in cinema”


Traveling through a distorted timeline, Deadpool and Cable encountered medieval England with a group of bloodthirsty rabbits, a funny multiverse crossover with a killer rabbit from their favorite movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” The comedy group “Monty Python” is known for its self-referential comedy and the fourth wall-breaking, which makes them the perfect media for the final fourth wall-breaking Deadpool, which can be crossed on the pages of Cable & Deadpool Annual #1 2018.

“Monty Python and the Holy Grail” debuted in 1975 and was created by the British comedy troupe “Monty Python” with the participation of the British comedy troupe. It follows in general terms a plot based on King Arthur, where King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are searching for the mythical Holy Grail. One of the highlights of the film occurs when Arthur and his knights go to a cave where the location of the magic Grail is apparently written, only to be attacked by the Kerbannoga Rabbit, a seemingly simple and simple white rabbit that quickly kills several of Arthur’s people.

Although the union of the eternally serious Cable and the infinitely stupid Deadpool may seem like the last couple you expect to see, in fact they have a long history of partnership to solve problems with time, starting with the 2005 TV series Cable and Deadpool. . Cable & Deadpool Annual #1 (2018), written by David Walker in collaboration with several storytelling artists including Luke Ross, Marco Rudy, Leonard Kirk and Francesco Manna, follows Deadpool hired by Dr. Justin Alphonse Gamble, a member of Time Variation. The authority to protect a woman from time-traveling robot villains. When Deadpool travels through time with a time piston to rescue a woman who Gamble says is his mother, he runs into Cable, who thinks Deadpool has messed up the timeline. Eventually it turns out that the woman they are trying to save is a former TVA employee, and Gamble is actually stalking her. Cable and Deadpool travel through several timelines, in a world that is increasingly distorted by their travels, and eventually end up in the age of Arthur, where a group of evil red-eyed rabbits begin attacking the couple.

Cheerfully breaking the fourth wall, Wade shouts: “I thought man-eating rabbits were hilarious fiction!” before a swarm of rabbits devoured both of his legs. Thus, Cable & Deadpool Annual #1 not only refers to the Rabbit from the Kaerbannog from the film The Holy Grail, but also to the other most famous scene of the film, where the Black Knight is cut off all limbs, but he refuses to stop fighting. Just as the Knights of the Holy Grail underestimate the Rabbit from Kerbannog and are brutally killed, Deadpool underestimates his rabbit opponents, and while Cable carries off Deadpool tied to his back, legless Wade continues to fight, proving in his own way that Deadpool is Black. Knight. Throughout the issue, Wade rambles on with Cable about the differences between the film and the comic, acknowledging, as usual, that he knows what’s in the comic and that the reader of the comic is an integral part of the comic experience. In such an ironic way, Deadpool makes it clear that killer rabbits are a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Deadpool is the king of comics referring to real media, so Wade and Cable fighting an army of killer rabbits in medieval England is used as an obvious allusion to Monty Python and works a lot of fun. It also makes you think that Deadpool might fit perfectly into the role of the comedians who created Monty Python and the Holy Grail.