“Deadpool 3” Screenwriter Teases How Ryan Reynolds’ Superhero Flick Makes Fun Of Marvel Movies


The Marvel cinematic universe is a massive franchise, but it is expected to get much bigger during the fourth phase. This is partly due to the fact that Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, which allowed such heroes as the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Deadpool to finally join the MCU. There has been a lot of talk about how Ryan Reynolds’ R-rated character will be transported to the shared universe in the upcoming Marvel movie, and now the Deadpool 3 screenwriter has teased how a superhero movie will make fun of Marvel movies.

Ryan Reynolds’ comedic chops are at the center of the “Deadpool” franchise as he constantly breaks the fourth wall and makes fun of objects like the X-Men, DCEU and MCU. But now that he’s actually joining the latest cinematic universe, he’ll be able to interact directly with the characters by teasing them. “Deadpool 3” co-writer Rhett Reese recently appeared in a post-credit podcast (opens in a new tab), where he explained how fun it would be to wipe the dirt from the Marvel cinematic universe. As Reese said,

How many films did they give us? 25? 26? 28? Something like that. Now we have a storehouse of things to laugh at. And Deadpool is the same [opportunist], so everyone is playing fair.

Well, the color drowned me. It looks like no one will be safe when Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed antihero finally joins the MCU on the big screen. While fans have been waiting for years for the long-awaited triquel to finally begin production, it might be worth waiting to see the mercenary with the mouth in all its meta glory.

Rhett Reese’s comments came as he was promoting his new Netflix movie “Spider’s Head” starring Chris Hemsworth. Eventually the conversation turned to his work with Paul Wernick on Deadpool 3. Since the first two films were shot in such quick succession, fans are very eager to return to the R-rated film. Unfortunately, there is currently no release date or shooting schedule for the upcoming triquel. Although the film crew gets together, including director Sean Levy.

While Rhett Reese tried to keep his cards to himself as to which MCU events/characters would be mocked in Deadpool 3, he still offered a little tidbit about how Ryan Reynolds’ character character is going to get through the shared universe. As the director of Zombieland said,

I think it provides a great opportunity for fish out of the water. Deadpool is the madman at the center of the movie. Usually sleepwalkers are minor characters, and the main character is in his right mind. In our film, it’s the opposite. So throwing a madman into a very normal world is just butter. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Ryan Reynolds’ break from acting won’t last too long, because comments like this show how cool Deadpool can be in the Marvel cinematic universe. While this massive franchise usually takes itself pretty seriously, “Mercenary with a Mouth” is sure to make changes to the narrative. Let’s hope he’s still able to maintain his sense of humor with an R rating in “Deadpool 3” and beyond.

The next part of the MCU — “Thor: Love and Thunder” — will be released on July 8. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.