Deadpool 3 Already Has a Premiere Window in Marvel Studios: Script Almost Finished and Filming in 2022


Deadpool 3: The Deadpool integration project in the MCU is progressing well according to its president, praising the great work of Ryan Reynolds with the team.Deadpool 3 already has a theatrical release window for Marvel Studios. This has been assured by its president, Kevin Feige, confirming that the project is progressing at a good pace and that he hopes to start filming sometime in 2022. In addition, he assures that Ryan Reynolds, the actor who gives life to the Mercenary Bocazas and who has just To premiere Free Guy, he is very committed and is actively collaborating on a script that would already be practically finished.

Deadpool 3 starts filming in 2022

On the other hand, Kevin Feige insists that Deadpool in the MCU will maintain the R rating already seen in the two previous Fox installments, thus clashing with the more familiar character of Marvel Studios. And it is that according to its president, it would be counterproductive now to lower the most violent and bad-spoken tone of a character who, precisely, bases part of his popularity on showing his wildest side, as he has been doing for years in the comics.

This has been stated in a recent interview with the Comic Book medium, after being asked about the latest statements by Ryan Reynolds that pointed to a filming in 2022 and a possible release date at the internal level of the company. “We have her. And the script is underway, Ryan is working very hard on it along with our writers as we speak, “says the head of Marvel Studios. Ryan Reynolds is actively involved in the writing of the film alongside screenwriters and sisters Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux.

Without announcing a possible release date, he says they already have in mind when Deadpool 3 could hit theaters; Maybe as part of Phase 5? And it is that we remember that the UCM calendar is more than nourished with upcoming releases until 2023.


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