Deadline missed: 6ix9ine lost the rights to his name


What awaits 6ix9ine (26) professionally? The rapper has been involved in a lawsuit for a long time. Another musician, known under the pseudonym since 2007, demanded compensation from the American. The reason: Because of the similarity of his name, he was allegedly constantly confused and therefore booked less. Since 6ix9ine missed the deadline, he actually no longer has rights to his name!

According to AllHipHop, 6ix9ine really had to apply for registration of the 6ix9ine trademark due to a legal dispute, but the 26-year-old missed the deadline and did not submit his application to the US Patent Office on time. Accordingly, Daniel Hernandez, as the real name of the rapper, lost the rights to his name. However, SIX9’s objection was upheld.

But how could this even happen? Apparently, the lawyer of 6ix9ine could not get through to his client for weeks – he did not know where the scandalous musician was at that time.


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