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Dead Space: Tribute to an Extinct Saga


Dead Space: Thirteen years have passed since Isaac Clarke stepped aboard the USG Ishimura and experienced something of a nightmare with it.There are few sagas that remain in the memory of fans even when they are extinct. Specifically within the survival horror genre, there was one that left its own mark: Dead Space. A franchise created in 2008 by Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, comprising a trilogy (spin-offs apart) that stopped in 2013 with its latest installment. A fleeting saga that remained practically at the top until causing its own hecatomb. What was his mistake? Will the saga return? Today in Meristation we review this huge saga.

Aboard USG Ishimura

“We entered the USG Ishimura. There is no trace of survivors. It seems that they have wiped out everything. The causes of what happened are unknown. ”

Space, that great unknown. It is impossible to say exactly when humanity first dreamed of traveling into space. Interior space. Outer space. New worlds. Many films such as Alien: The Eighth Passenger (1979), Final Horizon (1997) or books of the ilk of Asimov have brought us closer to him and warned us at the same time. It can be as exciting as it is scary. We can say that Dead Space was born under this concept. A title developed by EA Redwood Shores that arrived for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2008. A survival horror set in space that would be the beginning of a saga and that would be crowned as a classic of space terror.

Initially Dead Space was thought to be a horror title although conceptually it had nothing to do with what we saw in its final version. The project was intended to be the direct sequel to System Shock 2, leading to its third installment. While the developer team was in the definition phase of the title, a new proposal from Capcom arrived to destabilize their plans: Resident Evil 4 (2005). Resident Evil 4 was not only a revolution in the horror genre, but also the action one. Focusing on these two scenarios the studio saw the possibilities that Resident Evil 4 could give its new installment. They started with a new ip, and of course, that ip would be Dead Space.

In Dead Space we are located in the year 2508. Planet Earth has exhausted all its energy and mineral resources forcing humanity to avoid its own extinction with the business of intergalactic mining. One of the many resource-gathering mining ships known as USG Ishimura loses its signal during one of its excavations, causing a technical crew to come to repair its damage. This is where our protagonist, Isaac Clarke, comes into play. He is a systems engineer who is romantically involved with one of the Ishimura’s crew, Medical Officer Nicole Brennan. This is just the beginning of his journey as a result of voluntarily participating in the operation to find her. As soon as we start the prologue, the ship is disabled and we soon realize that we are not alone. We discovered that the ship has been invaded by hostile species of unknown origin, and that the corporation behind those excavations could be more than involved. Similar to the U.S.C.S.S Nostromo, the spaceship in Alien: the Eighth Passenger (1979), the story in Dead Space takes place inside the USG Ishimura spacecraft. An oppressive and claustrophobic scenario that also raises an interesting concept: the consequences and corporate interests of planetary overexploitation. In the title, we must find out what happened on the ship, survive the necromorphs and find an escape route. In Dead Space we experience terror in every sense and it shows us at the same time how insignificant and vulnerable we are before the immensity of space.



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