Dead Space Saga on Steam Sale: Play the Original Trilogy at Half Price


Dead Space: As fans raise their expectations with the just-announced remake of the first installment, Electronic Arts downgrades the entire saga on Steam.Dead Space, Electronic Arts’ sci-fi horror franchise, is all the rage. It is not for less; just a few days ago a remake developed by Motive Studios was announced that has raised a lot of expectation among fans. To celebrate, nothing better than to lower the entire saga and offer the possibility of playing the three installments of it with discounts of up to 75% on Steam. Here are all the games and DLC with their prices.

Dead Space for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
Dead Space 2 for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
Dead Space 3 for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
Dead Space 3 | Awakened Expansion for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
Dead Space 3 | Witness to Truth Package for 2.99 euros
Dead Space 3 | Tundra package for 4.99 euros
Dead Space 3 | Shooter Pack for 4.99 euros
Dead Space 3 | Tau Volantis Survival Pack for 14.99 euros
Dead Space Pack | Includes the first, second, third installment and the Awakened expansion of Dead Space 3 for 17.96 euros (% 71% discount)

Dead Space Remake: a very ambitious return

After a brief announcement in which we barely saw a brief trailer, doubts began to arise among users, who were not very clear if we were facing a remake or a remastering. Shortly after, Electronic Arts cleared them all: it is a remake developed under the Frostbite engine and will bring new features in terms of story, characters and playable mechanics.

In addition, the company has already confirmed that the title will not have any type of microtransactions, as well as that it will make use of 3D sound and that we will practically not see loading times between sectors of the USG Ishimura. Before any hint of doubt, the responsible study has made it clear that they are not modifying or adding textures and polygons to the original game, but that they are remaking it from scratch to offer an experience “faithful to the classic”, but of a new generation.

The Dead Space saga is available both on PC through Steam, and on consoles: in the case of PS5 and PS4 you can play it through PlayStation Now, while on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, thanks to backward compatibility (included in EA Play, a service built into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). In addition, the aforementioned remake is in development, although it does not yet have a release date.