Dead Space Remake Will Have Accessibility Options


Dead Space Remake: Speaking to the IGN website, Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director of Dead Space Remake, revealed that the production team is adding accessibility options to make the game enjoyable by a wider group of people.

“An important thing for us is to keep in mind that we’re not living in the same period as 12 years ago… it’s all these different options or ways to play a game that you need. All of these accessibility elements will definitely be something important for us in terms of opening up the Dead Space experience to a wider group of people who didn’t necessarily have the opportunity or were able to play the title when it was originally released,” commented the director.

In the same chat, Laura Miele, head of studios at EA, revealed that the idea of ​​working with a remake of Dead Space came from within Motive (the studio responsible for this new project) a few years ago, during a member’s trip. from the production company to the offices of Electronic Arts.

Dead Space Remake is in production for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, and has no release date set.


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